Reva's Boy

I love my baby

9 March
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HA! Of course you must be one of the many members of my fan club to have found me here...

if you really are, remember classes are held after academy classes in the old training circle near the Ramen stand.

I am Tentsuke, Konoha's greatest weapon master. My pride and joy is Reva, a weapon I made myself. Stores all the other weapons and scrolls to call more weapons... mhmmm weapons.

I love weapons. Only love a few things more then them but that ain't public knowledge.

I live by myself, family's out in the mountain. Mom sent me a dog recently, Mika, to keep me company. Like I'd need company with all the date proposition's I've been getting.


Shut up, Inosuke. I know you're laughing at me.